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Now the popular suit, you are already tired of wearing it.

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As a small series that keeps up with the fashion trend, in addition to paying attention to the value of the face, I also noticed that in the era of my aunt, the most popular clothing is the oversized shoulder suit.
Vintage big shoulder suit
In the 1980s and 1990s, basically every man's wardrobe was equipped with such a suit. After wearing it, he couldn't help but put his hands in his pockets, facing the camera with a sense of justice. In this photo full of funny and contemporary, it contains the myth of Chinese original ecological fashion.
In that era, China had set off a rare wave of suits and frenzy:
Since the reform, China has developed rapidly. At that time, the oldest  Therefore, under the great admiration of the central government, the big plan for garment transformation began.
Clothing reform
In 1981, Beijing Exhibition held a national new style clothing fair to lead the trend of suits into China.
In 1983, "Beijing Evening News" published the statement of Hao Jianxiu, the Central Secretariat, "promoting wearing a suit."
Then the Minister of Industry promoted the three-axe remarks, and the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party took the lead in wearing suits.
The vigorous publicity and the leadership of the leaders also made the Chinese people realize that wearing a suit is the correct way to open the fashion trend.
This suit trend is slowly spreading from the coastal cities.
People rushed to the mall to queue up for a long time, and became a scarce cargo that was in short supply.
At the beginning, the suit was not affordable for everyone. At that time, the salary of a 16-level deputy-level cadre was 113, and the cost of a set of medium-class suits was 77-99. According to the current ratio, it is necessary to buy a suit at that time to spend 7,000-10,000 to buy.
In the 1980s, a person wearing a red sports car, holding a big brother, wearing a double-breasted suit, is definitely the most flamboyant and most popular.
For people with low wages, it is difficult to have a suit. Fortunately, this trend of waiting for the suit has been backed from the city to the countryside.
With the expansion of the influence of suits in the city, many state-owned enterprise clothing and private clothing factories have risen to the ground, putting all the capital into this rank, and frantically producing suits, causing the market to quickly become saturated.
In the mid-1990s, people began to get tired of the sense of restraint in suits and turned to casual wear. The suit officially went to a weak period. Therefore, in order to sell the suits, the vendors turned their attention to the countryside. They sold it to ordinary people who were once shy and shy at a low price. For the people at the time, a suit was as precious as the new clothes for the New Year. On many important occasions, people will definitely wear a suit to show their importance.
Even some people buy a suit and are not willing to cut off the armband, and wait until important occasions to wear.
With the passage of time, suits are no longer rare in the countryside, and people have begun to wear their own styles in suits.
For example, this purple double-breasted suit top with brown suit pants, a mix of two colors, although it looked a bit strange at the time, but today, it is an essential element of the major fashion show.
There is also the casual style of this suit jacket with jeans. The trend we used to pursue is the rest of Dad’s generation.
Even today, cheap suit worship has come to an abrupt end, people are pursuing higher quality custom suits, but it must be said that after the inheritance of the older generation, we have better clothing development today.



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