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What are common suit fabric?

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Wool fabric
Wool 100% wool fabric that is made, of course, which mixed a little polyester component, but overall is a good quality suit, which feels soft and flexible, clear lines and smooth surface, often in spring or autumn wear. Because the fabric of the reason, it is generally easier to play the ball, you want to keep.
70 wool fabrics
That which contains 70% of the wool component is part of wool and polyester blended fabrics, because it was part of the mixed polyester component, the resilient than good, easy to crease, then put the body there are some bright spot, in a suit which is mid-range suit fabric.
Wool woolen fabrics
It is also 100 percent wool, except that this fabric texture relatively thick, more suitable for winter wear.
Chemical fiber wool-like fabric
As the name suggests, this is the use of artificial fiber made into a wool-like fabric, this suit is poor texture, easy to produce wrinkles, and then put on too rigid, not shiny, feel and feel no elasticity, which are rare in the suit, it is part of low-end products.
Blended fabrics
In general, polyester and viscose blended imitation is the most common, after this suit should not be made out wrinkles, and feel good, because the problem of fabric that suits the texture is thinner, more suitable for spring and summer wear.
Blended fabrics
There is also a mixed imitation wool and cotton fabrics, which are part of wool, wool fabric similar to 30, there is no pure wool keeps its sense of good, but also far less glossy and wool fabric, feel feels lack of texture, loose, but it maintenance is convenient, and the price is much cheaper, are middle and low styles suit fabric.


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