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Garment industry: three future direction of investment concern

Updated:2016-07-27 10:07:06【Print】

Consumer downturn, prices deviate
Clothing final consumption 2015Q3 basic continuation of the 2014 downturn, slowdown, but the early signs of stabilization. Overall, we have before A shares textile clothing textile recovery order sub-section - casual - Shoes - Men - Women - outdoor judgments are being verified. And from DuPont analysis, the improvement was mainly concentrated in the direction of menswear and footwear. Although the overall sector performance presents a weak recovery trend, it is expected that the pressure is still large, the main industry is difficult to see the future performance of large-than-expected growth in the case. And as of December 7, 2015, the cumulative gain textile clothing sector 82.11 percent, among the highest gains. We believe that the fundamentals of the sector performance and more departing from restructuring and related expectations.
Transformation of the wind, the emerging focus
From our carded textile clothing sector 80 companies, more than 80% in diversified fixed up / restructuring announcement disclosed holdings aspect employees. And in the second half compared with the first half set by the disclosure of the number of homes increased by more than 50%. Pre visible transformation of the wind and is expected to be intensified. Judging from the direction of the transformation, mainly in Internet +, sports, culture and entertainment, major health, fashion and new energy direction, these are also national policy to encourage and promote a new direction.
From the perspective of the transition, we believe that the future direction of the three major concern. First, the sports industry, with administrative deregulation, will usher in the golden years of development. Wherein the subject involved in the sports industry is mainly composed of elegant birds and Pathfinder. The second is social electricity supplier Internet 3.0 era of the rise, we believe that social electricity supplier has a low cost, the demand for accurate matching and other advantages, an effective solution to many of the pain points of traditional electricity providers, based on a new model of social entertainment developed, fans economy promising. Recommendations concern Wentz shares and Lancy shares. Third, the "she" economy era, especially women greater voice "beautiful" baby + consumption will usher in the outbreak. We believe that the United States will be doctors, "she" economy gusty, currently the subject of scarcity, only Lancy shares in July plans to invest well-known Korean plastic surgery hospital, the proposed attention. Baby consumption will benefit from the upgrading of consumption and two children bonus, which Semir clothing, Legg Mason cultural and blond rabbi concern.
Cost down, benefiting reversed.
2015 cotton industry will continue to benefit from the domestic and foreign cotton spreads narrowed, to the good performance; and to some extent benefit enterprises overseas transfer of production capacity as well as the devaluation, with a strong investment certainty, the performance of which the maximum elastic Huafu , the proposed attention. Leading Industrial Technology and leather, leather price subject to sharp rise since 2013, and the downstream shoe brand and consumer appetite, difficult to transfer cost pressures, resulting in performance decline. But with imported leather prices continued to decline in the beginning of April, we believe that 2016 results will benefit from the low cost of raw materials and achieve reversal, the proposed active interest.


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