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Early Autumn Dressup game to test your knowledge of the time to dress

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The reason is nothing more than a headache early fall in temperatures throughout the year this season experienced a few days most people dress skill test. But from another point of view, early fall is undoubtedly a game of dress up the best time, you can fully stacked to create a sense of space by means of the perfect physique, but also be able to mix and match Bo Fun a color. This summer when few single-product did not end the mission, calling them fall enchant.

NO 1: striped T-shirt and no less
Speaking of the Almighty within the ride, it should be is a striped T-shirt. Eye-catching stripes flag of the preferred elements of the new nobility, a classic striped T can wear from summer to late autumn; lightweight blazer, knit cardigan, leather jackets, suits, coats and some you ...... all can be used to coat composition, texture, stylish and warm, basically no trouble with it can not be resolved.
In addition to the usual terms of colors blue, black and white, fall classic earth colors, gray line can serve as a reference for the overall elegance of the shape adds a sense of avant-garde, free fall mediocre.
NO 2: Carrefour still belongs to the stage
Seemingly stiff but comfortable yet casual, active in the 1950s evergreen paragraph loafers concave shape in early fall is still the hero. You can be as exposed as summer ankle can also use bright colors or prints added socks to fashion circles most respected interesting relaxed state of mind, or simply in a solid color or mix to create a sophisticated layering business elite. In short, this fall is coming, do not worry wallet to lose weight, good to wear comfortable double, and can deal with various situations of loafers may be able to subtract out the door thinking about a lot of trouble standing in front of the closet.

NO 2: Adaptation urban Hawaiian shirt
Bright colors and shapes, colorful Hawaiian shirts in the summer severely fancy one, now let's forget all your impression Hawaiian shirts, the city it appears more solemn seriousness. Yes, let remain solid colors and prints and a single, you can use it with a suit and tie to a party or wedding, you can also put on a baseball jacket and sneakers relax.
But the truth is plain full of Hawaiian shirts still influence, want a different style of dress is it? Try with a denim jacket, dark trousers to let the whole shape Xiaoxiao Huo, and let one pair of Chelsea the perfect ending.



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