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Men's fashion trends report conference Men's summer fashion trends, you know?

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Resolve all kinds of men's fashion trends
Black and white coat
Coat still affect the high-end designers, major brands continue to improve coat styling. This style compared with the previous few quarters more than a touch of elegant, black and white is still the main color. Trendy colors, complex patterns and colors become more abstract.
Ruiwei La Style
This season, relaxing holiday dress elegant exhibit front Hippie style. 1950s era is important, which is reflected in the elegant Bermuda shorts with pleats, knit polo shirts and shirts. The improved Ruiwei La very modern style, including casual full sense of a single product, such as woolen sweaters, slacks noose pattern.
Men's Trends
Navy blue
Different shades of blue clothing appeared at the press conference, the improved dark blue ink was blue. Such tone make clothing more vibrant, saturated hues such as anti windbreaker, baseball shirts and sweaters.
Sea courage
This season, neutral color primarily color, for example, from suits to casual wear have used the sea courage. Courage to make use of the sea showing tooling style clothing, such as particularly noteworthy work jackets, sleeveless jackets, sweaters and tops.
Metallic fabrics
Metallic fabrics in the quarter had an impact, especially in metallic shades of blue enhanced the effect of clothing, such as Patrik Ervell spandex pants. Metallic occurred mainly in the download, so that a single product is more stylish, such as jogging pants.
Transparent material first appeared in the London exhibition, to create a transparent effect. Sports sweaters, vests and practical cotton material for the mesh and vinyl, cotton materials to create a light spring and summer a single product.
Graphic Arts
Creative art form into the mainstream trend. Brushes artistic effect is still the main printing, style and more variable, such as Kandinsky modeling, Kusama dot pattern, Bauhaus textured, three-dimensional mosaic pattern.
Many designers continue to improve prints, New York Fashion Week, the major brands eyeing traditional camouflage print, such as Mark McNairy and N Hoolywood. Stack take collage patterns and pattern, and enhance the camouflage effect.
sport jacket
This season, the improved anti windbreaker, anorak and jacket very high-tech feel. Transparent material, round neck large size silhouette, future sports clothing sense of style, casual cotton and nylon fabric become a single daily goods.
Raincoat Jackets
Raincoat jacket is the season of New York Fashion Week in the popular single product coat. No lining, making it a lightweight fabric in the shape of the main spring and summer fashion, and nylon snap button to make clothing with trendy sporty appearance.
Such as raincoats jackets, coats texture of the improved light, no lining design, the use of lightweight materials to create a shell-type jacket. Many designers still love practicality modeling, highlighting his pocket and zipper design, other designers are using a streamlined design.
Bomber jacket
Chloroprene rubber, suede, nylon bomber jacket adds traditional fun to create a modern and stylish silhouette. Creative campus style bomber jacket sleeve / contrasting color tunic also become the flagship. Trends including sequins and metallic colors to create the personality of a single product.
Improved gray sweatshirt
Improved contour of the gray sweatshirt, showing the integration process and rounded shoulder design. Breast with a simple pattern and the local details of the deal, such as zipper design on the sleeves. Sportswear also with a simple casual style pants.
Tunic Shirt
Next season, waist shirt increasingly emphasized the importance of the slender silhouette. Extended wear clothing hem and sleeve length of the garment design appears in men's shirts, including panties, arc hem. Prints, patterns and clothing sleeveless design enhances the feeling of the young.
Polo Shirt
Season polo shirt style is more refined, showing a striped pattern and knit retro style. Unlike traditional sharp tie buckle shirt, polo shirt hem tucked the season to make a more formal shape. Box design, bright surface treatment also reflects the movement elements


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