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Promote the development of advanced custom men's brand men's industry development trend analysis

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Nowadays customized private consumption concept gradually been accepted, and advanced custom men also become sought after by consumers, advanced customization has also become an extension of the men's brand culture. Throughout the entire market, open up new markets, force men's electricity provider, to integrate the channels and build brand men's men's group and so become a means of enterprise transformation, while men on consumer trends, the comfortable dress as the majority of their fellow men preferred.
1 force advanced customization
Although China is the top global luxury spending, but in terms of advanced custom clothing standards, industry background, or designer fashion sensitivity, acceptance and education system, compared to Europe and there are many differences and gaps. Advanced customization will play a role in promoting domestic men's brand development.
2 women's brand to enter the men's market
Men Women Brands major market force. With the saturation of the market women, women's brand will enter the men. Since the concept of women's brand more market and product replacement fast, the future trend in the possession of men's competition in the market.
3 open up new markets
Emerging markets will become the main driving force of development men. In Europe and other countries, men saturation of the market, with the developed countries to improve the economic level, the majority of men's market parties to be excavated.
4 strong momentum electricity supplier
Men impact electricity supplier industry market can be said to be enormous. From the crowd to analyze, what men generally do not like shopping, so the electricity business development for boys, a good solution to this problem. So men's electricity supplier for the development and sales of men's clothing industry is decisive.
5 integration of industry channels
Men's business channels is always the focus of the battle. Under the market downturn, the future is not clear case for seeking change in the situation of the men's business, the channel of the war will become more intense. Open up marketing channels, strengthen channel construction has become a major brand of choice.
6 international brands
Faced with increasingly fierce competitive environment, the international brand is a challenging way. Many men's brands have begun the deployment of international strategy, employing the latest cutting-edge design concept, the Chinese national style classic fashion the perfect combination with Europe, improve product quality and competitiveness.
7 build brand men's group
Through investments, acquisitions and other ways to build brand men's group, pushing high-end custom, integrated open large stores, the establishment of venture capital, with high-quality franchisees channels to achieve rapid expansion of the new brand, to develop and cultivate new growth points, to achieve further upgrade the overall layout. From the process of many successful international clothing brand development point of view, from a single brand to multi-family, multi-brand development process of transformation is inevitable.
8 Comfort of dress
On the men's fashion trends, fabric has always been a hotly contested spot, Chinese consumers are increasingly attach importance to the comfort of clothing, 82 percent of Chinese respondents were willing to pay more money to buy natural cotton, wool fabric and other more comfortable clothing.


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